Dos and Don’ts for Online Hookups

You guys definitely don’t spend as much time worrying about what to wear or how to present yourself as we ladies do, but maybe you should. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

What you wear to your hookup date should tell your new partner something about you, but more importantly, it should say that you care about HER. Make a statement that says you are conscientious of her time, happy that she chose you to get it on with, and that the woman you’re meeting for casual sex and dating is just as important to you as long-term potential dates are to someone else.

Sound complicated? It’s not. Just keep it simple with these easy rules.

DO place hygiene at the top of your priorities.

This is number one, always, no exceptions. None. Don’t skimp on the basics of grooming and bathing.

It might be more convenient to meet up right after a hard day of roofing or a long shift at the hospital with just a quick change of clothes and no shower. No, no, no.

What women will excuse later, or even come to love in a boyfriend, isn’t an option for a casual date. If you become my boyfriend, I might come to love the manly, musky smell of your armpits because it signifies your essence to me—an essence I’ve come to identify as a mate.

Sweat and body odor are NOT sexy for one-time or sometimes affairs.

Shave close or groom your facial hair, but rock a clean ‘stache with no food particles or nasal drippings in it, please. Brush and floss your teeth.

You don’t need a goldmine’s worth of fancy cologne or a designer wardrobe, just ten minutes and running water.

DON’T be pretentious.

Even if you’re the CEO of a billionaire industry, or a showoff by nature, don’t come on too strong. You want to impress, not intimidate.

Women ARE impressed by status, good looks, fitness, virility, income, and intellect. But we’re never impressed by a cad who is full of himself, even if he has ALL of those things going for him. The difference between arrogance and confidence is huge.

Show good taste by all means but limit the display to a key piece or two, and don’t look like a sales brochure.

If you’re a down to earth kind of guy, don’t pretend to be what you’re not. By keeping it clean and simple, you’ll outshine everyone else without trying.

DO wear your best, but make it the best of YOUR style.

A guy’s everyday style will vary considerably. If you’re an electrician who loves classic rock concerts, you will have a very different way of dress than a man who works in a casino or as an artist.

Stay with the true expression of yourself, but wear your favorite, most flattering options.

DON’T be afraid to show quirkiness.

Women LOVE quirky, so let yours shine.

Maybe you love patterned or polka-dot socks under jeans or tailored pants. Maybe you ALWAYS wear Converse, even when you dress up—don’t change now.

I went out with a young guy who always wore a Sinatra-style hat, and he was so adorable that I shared him with my girlfriend—at the same time!

Another lover I see now and again always wears a silver cross that has sentimental value. It’s a sexy constant under his button-down shirt.

Those individual details are part of what makes you unique from other guys, and we’re more likely to find it endearing and hot than not.

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