Benefits of a One Night Stand

In the last couple years, I’ve been in a string of short-term relationships—satisfying in some ways, not in others. It had been awhile since I had a true-blue one night stand, and I’d forgotten the beauty of these magical moments. Casual sex is not for everyone, and I often equate them with my younger more carefree days, but I do think they have their time and place and can be just what the doctor ordered.

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Benefits of a One Night Stand

Ego Boost. If you’re in a dating rut or sexual slump, a roll in the hay can be a real boon to your confidence. After some much needed physical attention, you’ll notice a spring in your step the next day, trust me.

Sexual Satisfaction. If you have a high sex drive and have been deprived for a long time, you can feel like you’re going a little stir crazy. Spring fever needs a remedy, and sometimes all it takes is one night of spontaneous sex.

Sexual Abandon. Most people think that to explore their deepest fantasies and kinks, they need to be with someone they’ve known a long time. But there is a flip side… some of us feel much more free to get wild and crazy with a lover who we likely won’t see again.

No Strings. It can be very liberating to get your freak on with a total stranger or someone who you’ve just chatted with online previously. When there’s a mutual understanding that no one owes anything to anyone, you can let it all hang out.

Possibilities. Although a true one-night stand is usually just that, if the sex is super hot for both involved, usually the door is left open for a second hookup, a regular thing, or even a relationship. Super-charged sexual chemistry is hard to find!

Are you a lover of the one night stand, or do you want more?

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