5 Dating Behaviours that Make Her Lose Interest

Have you ever been in a state of confusion, wondering why the woman you felt was so into you, suddenly lost interest? Maybe she felt that you were just too perfect and the thought of finally getting everything she ever wanted was too terrifying.

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It’s also possible, however, that you did certain things in the context of your time together that drove her away. The good news about that explanation is that at least you can learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

5 Dating Behaviours that Make Her Lose Interest

1. Talking about Other Women

While it’s okay to talk a bit about past relationships, especially if you’re both sharing details of your dating histories, you want to be careful not to talk about it too much. If you’re hung up on an ex, you probably shouldn’t be dating quite yet. You’re obsession will be obvious and off-putting.

You especially want to avoid comparing your current date to anyone else. An example would be saying something like, “My ex had the same purse!” (If in fact you pay attention to that kind of thing.)

2. Talking Too Much about Yourself

Nerves, or insecurities can make us talk too much about ourselves, especially on a first date. It makes sense that in our efforts to impress someone new, we feel the need to sell ourselves—hard.

Unfortunately doing so is more likely to make you seem egotistical and self absorbed than it is to highlight your accomplishments. Try instead to ask more questions. Listen more than you speak.

3. Being Rude or Disrespectful

This one is really obvious. Don’t insult your date by calling into question her intelligence, integrity, sense of style etc. Also, don’t treat her like she’s a sex object, even if you’re meeting with the sole intention of hooking up.

There are a number of websites out there that encourage you to behave like a bit of a dick in order to catch the ladies. I’ll tell you right now, don’t do it, guys.

4. Never Having Enough Time

If you’re constantly having to cancel dates or rush off sooner than expected because of other obligations, you will likely find that your date loses interest. Even as a casual partner a lady wants to feel important.  

If your life is so busy and complicated that you can’t honor plans, you should probably wait until things calm down a bit before throwing yourself into the dating ring.

5. Being Selfish in Bed

If you do hold her interest long enough to hook up, she probably won’t stick around if it’s clear that you’re only in it for yourself. Do you always expect her to go down on you but aren’t interested in returning the favor, or at the very least ensuring that she’s satisfied? That kind of selfishness can be really frustrating and seems to be pretty common!

While it’s important to not feel pressured into doing things you don’t want to do in bed, you should be prepared to give as well as receive, at least over the course of time. If you don’t, she’ll probably move on pretty quickly.

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