Hookups with Ex-Girlfriends: Pros & Cons

There are plenty of reasons to hook up with an ex. You’re lonely. You’re horny. You’re not over her yet. But is it a good idea?

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Really, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to hookups with an ex-girlfriend. You have to look at it as a case-by-case basis. Sometimes it’s the perfect antidote for what ails you, and sometimes the fallout will make you want to hide your head in the sand for a very long time.

Let’s have a look at the possible pros and cons before you text or booty call your ex at three in the morning.


1. You get your rocks off. Finding someone brand spanking new just for a one-nighter can be exhausting.

2. You know what to expect. You know what she likes. She knows what you like. The comfortability factor has a lot going for it.

3. No strings. If you had a mutual breakup and had a good physical connection when you were together… why not be fuck friends until someone moves on.

4. Friend with benefits. If your hookup seems copacetic and fun, why not keep the party going. Sound impossible? It does happen!


1. You don’t get your rocks off. Everything seems fine until the clothes come off, then awkwardness sets in… leading to nada.

2. Old shit gets stirred up. You broke up for a reason… and there’s nothing like intimacy to open old wounds, even if you both thought it was resolved. Ugh.

3. Strings. If someone hasn’t moved on emotionally, a hookup between exes is very murky territory indeed. Leave the scab alone if you know this to be true.

4. You lose a friend. If you’ve been able to remain friends after your breakup, congratulations (this doesn’t happen very often.) Sex is a roll of the dice that might fuck this up… be sure you’re willing to take that risk.

Have you ever had sex with an ex? What’s your advice?

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