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Are Your Bad Habits Ruining Your Relationships?

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Newfound passion can easily confuse Habits-You-Find-Sweet-Because-You-Just-Started-Dating with Habits-That-Would-Otherwise-Drive-You-Insane.

Remember how adorable you thought it was when you discovered your new hookup was a mouth-breather and drooled all over your pillow? Well, one day soon you’ll wake up and think, She’s drooled all over the fuckin’ pillow. Again.

Personally, I insist on squeezing the toothpaste from the bottom. I hate when toilet seats are left up, even though I’m a guy (the inside of a toilet is so ugly!). The behaviors hat drive us crazy can be irrational and nonsensical. But they can make or break a relationship.

Do you:

– unroll the toilet paper from the top or bottom?

– open gifts before Xmas day?

– insist on making the bed each day?

– hit the snooze button for an hour each morning?

– leave warm, clean laundry in the basket for the sake of your cat’s happiness?

You getting the idea yet?

Why do we ignore these considerations at the start of a relationship? Cuz love ’n’ loins’ll do that. I think couples who claim to “accept” these differences are just secretly sucking it up until they get a chance to complain to all their friends and family.

So know this… two things are guaranteed:

  1. If you start a relationship thinking the same habits you wouldn’t otherwise tolerate in others are “cute” when done by your new partner, you’re in for a wake-up call.
  2. Although I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t work hard at a relationship because you have different habits, I am suggesting that it’s perfectly acceptable to choose not to be in a relationship if your habits are at odds. It’s a preemptive strike.

The list of reasons why people are not suitably matched is endless, and only you will know what’s on yours. Listen to that list. If you’re thinking long term, consider your new partner’s habits long term. It may not be worth losing your peace of mind.

You’re not a bad person, promise. You’re being honest, with yourself and others.

So be honest.

(And put the goddam seat down when you’re done!)

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What bad habits drive you crazy? And what bad habits are you willing to put up with?

Tell us what you think!

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