Are You Ready for Your Hookup?

Yes, it’s true that most of us women spend hours getting ready for a hookup. Usually it takes longer to get ready than it does to do the dirty deed.

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And that’s fine, because even when it is wham-bam-thank-you-Dan, half the fun is the sexy anticipation! And the other half wouldn’t be fun at all if I wasn’t scrubbed smooth, softly scented, and freshly squeezed into the right mini skirt.

If you want the most in way of memory or call backs, or hope to turn your hookup into a friend-with-benefits, make sure you’re guy-groomed in all the ways we want you to be!

1. DO Manscape Your Goods and Face

Nothing dramatic, but if you already shave your pubic area, don’t stop now. But don’t do it for the first time ahead of your date! Just trim nicely. If you rock a beard, groom it carefully but don’t shave it off or anything. Be your usual self, but the best version of it.

2. DON’T ever Skip the Shower

Ever. Ever. Even if you showered this morning, AND after the gym at lunch. How would you like it if she’s too lazy to shower for you? One hookup date that I DIDN’T follow through with actually told me chicks like a bit of man sweat and body odor.

And he was right, just not in the right context—we like the scent of our man AFTER we establish an emotional connection with him and want more. But first encounters are by nature superficial and not about lasting emotions.

3. DO Floss

Don’t just brush your teeth. Also brush your tongue and floss everything. You WANT her in your mouth, and you want her to want to be there.

4. DO Dress to Impress, not Disguise

So if you’re a low-key, blue-collar guy who loves garage bands, you don’t want to put on a tailored Armani suit or you’ll look like American Psycho. But if you’re a Hollywood producer known for rocking amazing men’s couture, showing up in ripped jeans and a Metallica t-shirt is bound to disappoint. The key is always to be yourself—the best version.

5. DON’T Leave the Supplies Up to Her

If you’re hosting a hookup, have an unopened toothbrush on hand and some clean towels handy and visible, so she won’t have to ask for them if she feels she needs them. Whether you’re hosting or visiting, have your most trusted brand of condoms with you. Even if she has lots, seeing that you are proactive and care about her health and yours will set her at ease.  

Let us know how it goes!

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