Advantages of Using Multiple Dating Sites

I know the thought of going on one dating site, let alone several at a time, is daunting enough. Why open yourself up to so much potential rejection? Even though you may have been burned before, it’s time to adjust your attitude.

You want to get laid, right? So why hold yourself back from a whole range of possibilities? Using multiple dating sites will increase your chances of success.

Join Multiple Dating Sites to…

Broaden Your Range

Why limit yourself to one small population of ladies when you can unleash the full force of your studly self onto the entire internet? It stands to reason that the more women who see your profile, the more chance you’ll have at impressing one of them.

Also, some people are creatures of habit, and often go back to the same dating sites over and over again. Why comb through the same old profiles when you can expose yourself to a whole new set of options?

Explore Different Approaches

Write a few different versions of your profile to put out there at the same time. See which one gets you the most action. I’m not suggesting that you lie on any one of these, just choose different things to highlight about yourself and see what happens? There’s nothing wrong with doing a little experiment, as long as you’re not misleading anyone.

Maybe you’re an adventurous intellectual, a music nerd, an aspiring chef, or all of the above. Pitch yourself in slightly different ways, or choose to highlight certain interests depending on the type of site you choose. There are some really great niche dating sites out there that will put you in touch with specific types of people.

Meet Different Types of Women

Use these niche dating sites and other more general ones to meet all kinds of interesting people. Just be prepared to keep an open mind and don’t judge anyone for stuff they might be into, even if it’s not something you’re willing to try yourself. Be honest about the fact that you’re just exploring your options, and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

You never know, you might find out things about yourself and your desires that you were never before willing to see. There’s a whole world beyond vanilla sex just waiting to be discovered!

Get In Touch with Your Kinky Side

If you’re at all curious, go on a few different sites that are geared toward the kink lifestyle like, and ask questions! Be respectful and don’t lead anyone on, just drop in on the conversation.

Try different sites geared to kink, polyamory, threesomes, whatever you want to find out more about. Life’s too short to limit yourself, so take a chance on something you’ve always wanted! I discovered that I was polyamorous after doing a little bit of online exploration and chatting with people on I’m so glad that I took the chance because now I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

Do you have a story to tell about using multiple dating? Leave us a comment!

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