7 Reasons to Hook Up Out of Town

There are so many great reasons to start hooking up out of town, if you’re not already. No strings sex, of course, is the number one, but there are many other benefits to getting it on in another town, city, state, or even country.

1. No strings. A hookup is really a hookup when you don’t live in the same city. You don’t have to worry about explanations or her chasing after you – especially important when you’re in a committed relationship.

2. Fresh blood. If you’ve been on dating sites for a while or you’ve been hanging out in the same social circle, you may need a deeper pool to splash in.

3. Business trip. If you’re going away anyway, why not get a little action on the side. All work and no play will make any man unhappy.

4. Seconds. If it’s great sex, why not go back for more. You can’t beat a guaranteed lay.

5. Vacation. When taking a solo trip, plan ahead and make arrangements to meet a woman who lives in your destination. Why not make a few. You certainly won’t be lonely, and you’ll have someone to show you the sights.

6. Affair. A sexless relationship or marriage can’t go on forever, and cheating in the hood is risky. Meeting a woman who lives a few hours drive away is safer, especially if the affair becomes more than a one-nighter.

7. Anonymity. If you live in a very small town or city, you know that everyone hears everything about everyone. Maybe you have a voracious libido that needs to be fed constantly but don’t want or need the gossip. Time to get outta dodge.

What drives you to chase tail away from home?

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