5 Ways to Ruin Your Chance for a Second Date

It’s such a let down, to get all excited about a first date, only to have it be a disaster. Sometimes there’s simply no chemistry between the two of you, which can’t be helped. But let’s face it, sometimes things go poorly as a result of totally avoidable behaviours. I’ve wondered, in the throes of a particularly awkward date, if some guys just aren’t educated enough in the area of first date etiquette? With that in mind, I present you with five ways to ruin your chances for a second date.

1. Showing up Late for No Good Reason
Unless you were preforming open-heart surgery and it took longer than expected (or you got caught up in something of equal importance) there’s really no good excuse for being late on a first date. I once had to wait an hour for a guy who wanted to get in a few more rounds at the gym. Yeah. I can tell you right now that your date cares more about your punctuality than she does about your biceps.

2. Going on about Past Relationships
You might think that your love life is the most riveting topic in the world, that any potential partner would want to hear all about your “crazy ex” and all the horrors you had to endure. Maybe you think that your sob story will elicit sympathy and maybe even a compensatory blow job at the end of night? Think again. Talking too much about your past relationships will give your date the impression that you’re on the rebound and therefore not ready for anything serious. If the pain is still too fresh in your heart and you think you won’t be able to avoid bringing it up, perhaps you should consider taking a dating break.

3. Answering Questions but Not Asking Any
It’s exhausting to have to propel a conversation forward without any help. I think that sometimes we can get caught up in the anxiety of the first date experience. We worry about how we’re coming across and it keeps us from speaking openly and being our true selves. Relax if you can and pay attention to what your date is saying. Let yourself answer naturally and ask questions that will allow the conversation to flow. Be sure to show an interest in your date’s life to show her that you care about getting to know her.

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4. Spending too much Time with Your Phone
It’s really a sign of disrespect if you can’t take a few hours away from your texts and emails to focus on the lady in front of you. Unless you have a job that requires you to be reachable at all times, or you’re sharing photos and other things of interest, your phone should be turned off and out of sight.

5. Lacking in Basic Hygiene
You want to be sure to put some effort into preparing for a first date. Take a shower and put on some clean clothes. It may seem obvious, but it’s my experience that some guys think they can get away with doing either just one or sometimes neither of those things. Eeewwww. Unless you’re deliberately trying to repel the woman you’re with, I would recommend being clean and ready to make a good impression.

Any first date tips you can share that have landed you a second date?

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