5 Signs Your Ex Might Hook Up with You

We’ve all been there, wondering if the last time we did it with our ex was really the last time, or if that one magic seed left in the bag is still capable of growing into a mighty beanstalk.

Sometimes things come around, and sometimes old lovers end up back in bed again. There are a few signs that it might happen that I present to you here and now.

5 Signs of Hookup Potential between You and Your Ex

1. You focus on the good times you had together, not the breakup.

After the two of you forget everything you fought about, and after you get beyond all of the horrible things you said and did to each other, and somewhere deep down in each of your hearts and bellies, there is the tiny ember that you first lit together—blow on it gently enough and it may, once again, begin to burn.

You may find yourselves casually meeting for a coffee, or running into each other in the street—who knows. Even though it’s been a while, you can both feel how close you are to each other’s bodies in the moment. You’ll know if the thin layers of clothing between you are barely enough to contain the lust.

2. You start seeing your ex pop up on your social media.

Nothing gives away more that someone is cycling back like the sudden appearances of likes or follows or comments on your social media. The use of emojis also indicates a more friendly, playful approach. This is a subtle, or not so subtle, way of sending out feelers. It also feels safe for some people, knowing that they can do it, without a flat-out rejection if the other person isn’t interested.

Where are you at? Who are you seeing? If and how you respond can easily set a chain of events in motion that can bring the possibility of a casual hookup.

3. You hear rumblings of interest through the grapevine.

I ran into a friend who ran into an ex of mine the other day. She asked me a lot of questions about you, he told me: “What is he up to?” and “Who is he seeing?” and “What’s the story?” It wasn’t the usual “I wish him well,” but more “What’s his situation right now?” Chances are she’s remembering our good times, and wishing again for something that was lost. This could be more like reconciliation than a simple hookup, but you never know.

4. Your ex behaves strangely when she sees you with other women.

If it happens (unfortunately) that you and your present lady run into a former girlfriend, how the ex acts is an important sign. If she’s polite and respectful, and doesn’t send out flirty vibes, then she has probably moved on and sincerely wishes you well. If, in any way, she seems to be flirtatious or is messing with the new lady, there’s a chance there are unresolved feelings that could lead you into a bedroom.

Yes, the fallout from this scenario can potentially be disastrous for you on many fronts. At the same time, if your new gal is super casual, maybe a one-off hookup isn’t out of the question.

5. You and your ex are friends, or still on friendly terms.

If you two transitioned from lovers to the friend zone, you’re halfway there. Has she been hanging out at your place, Netflix and chilling but with each of you at opposite ends of the sofa? Maybe she still cuddles with you a little here and there, maybe you just stay up late talking?

A lot of breakups end maturely with maintaining a friendship as the goal. It doesn’t quite lend itself to inviting in new partners, but maybe there’a a deeper reason for that.

Are you looking to hook up with an ex? What signs are you looking for?

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