Cheating Tips for Men

Are you in a relationship and contemplating cheating – need some tail on the side? No problem. Sex is easy to find online. The hard part is not getting caught. Women are always mistrustful when their man does anything out of the usual, so even the smoothest operator needs to be cautious. Mistakes are made when awesome sex is on the brain.

Tips to Gettting Away with Getting Action

Browsing History
You need to hide your online moves. You’d think this was a gimme, but it’s easy to get caught up in the moment of flirting, or maybe your wife walks in and you quickly log off and forget to go back and delete your history. Maybe you use your own computers, but believe me, if she gets a whiff of what you’re up to, she won’t hesitate to go searching when you’re out. Or she may be searching on a shared computer when suggestions for cheating websites pop-up – not something you can talk your way out of easily! Using the Private Browsing option is the best way to avoid having to constantly delete your history. Note: passwords, email addresses, and user names are still saved even if the browsing history is deleted, so don’t forget to delete these.

Text Messages and Phone Call Logs
Forgetting to delete these is the number one reason guys get caught. Shame, because it’s so easy to avoid. If you’re cheating this is a habit that must be put into practice. Women love snooping around on her man’s cell phone so if you forget to delete messages or logs with someone she doesn’t know, well . . . Erase all interactions immediately. A suspicious wife/girlfriend will be ready to pounce on your phone at the first available moment. You can also set your phone to security mode so a password must be entered for back up.

Credit and Bank Cards
Never use shared cards to pay for anything related to your lady on the side. This includes dinner at restaurants, online dating membership fees, hotels, etc. Prepaid debit cards are the best solution – load them up with enough cash to cover a fab night out with your lover, but not enough that your wife will notice funds transferred. If she does, have an excuse at the ready, (e.g., sports pool at work) and don’t keep the card in your wallet (another place the ladies like to search).

Instant Messaging

This is a great way to feel close to your lover when she’s far away, but also another way to get busted. Maybe you get so turned on that you get off to jerk off, forgetting to delete the log. Hey, things happen, but hopefully not to you.

Sharing and Bragging

You may be tempted to talk about your salacious activities but this is just another door that opens the possibility of getting caught. Women talk, women snoop, women dig. We can be relentless in our pursuit of the truth when we suspect our man of cheating. Even your best bud can crack under the pressure and let the cat out of the bag. Keep your affairs to yourself and enjoy.

Any other tips I missed? If you’ve been caught, how did it go down?

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