4 Reasons to Date a Dominant Woman

Dominant women have certain powers that submissive women don’t. The universe is all about balance. You might think you’re doing fine being an alpha male, being a top boss. You might think it’s great calling the shots.

When you’re in charge (or think you are), a woman waits on you, hand and foot, and she gives you everything that you desire. All that is great. Who doesn’t enjoy getting their dick sucked any time they please?

Yet… something may be missing. You find yourself jumping a little when somebody pushes back. You find yourself wanting to obey when told to do something? What is happening inside you? Why does it turn you on to take orders? Let’s explore this idea of embracing your submissive side.

4 Reasons to Date a Dominant Woman

1. Explore another Side of Yourself

Being a top is sometimes just an act, wherein there’s a backstage and a mainstage. When you’re backstage, out of the public limelight, maybe you don’t feel like such a big man.

Maybe you want someone to boss you around for a change. Maybe being weak in secret makes you feel more powerful in public. Maybe it even makes you feel a little bit dirty. Very few of us are 100% dominant or submissive, so don’t be afraid to switch roles, even if it’s just temporary or behind closed doors.

2. Give Up Control

Being in control all the time isn’t necessarily healthy. By exploring balance you become a fuller human being. Plus, it’s hot. Being able to let go and lick the bottom of a woman’s shoe when you’re told is actually a healthy way of getting in touch with your vulnerable side.

I know it seems counter intuitive to say so, but controlling everything all the time can make you ill. If you’re squeezing your psychic banana too hard, release your grip before your soul turns into an ice smoothie.

3. Enjoy a Different Kind of Sex

Anticipation is half the performance sometimes. By letting another person control how and when you’re able to get pleasure is a thrill like no other. Imagine how much better it is to come when you’ve been denied—hours, days, weeks, months—and the pleasure has been mixed with pain and punishment. I mean, you have been an extremely bad boy, so you deserve to suffer a little before your dominant lover chooses to have mercy on you.

4. Role Play Your Fantasies

Let’s face it, ladies in black leather are hard to beat. Who doesn’t love the blood-red lipstick, tight jackets, and leopard-print pants belonging to women who are part human and part jungle cat? And if she’s carrying a whip to tame your cheeky ass, all the better! A dominatrix exudes sexuality beyond the norms of society, and the banal concerns of the live-laugh-love crowd.

Do you want to ride in a minivan or in a muscle car with a roaring engine jutting though its hood? Date a dominant lady, damn it!

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Do you love dominant women? Share an experience in the comments!

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