Sexy Holiday-Hookup Stories

Check out these sexy stories to put you in the holiday spirit. Enjoy!

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Presents for Everyone

“Christmas means leaving the city for the rural farmhouse Mom stayed in after Dad passed away. I love it, too, but the early nights do make me restless.

We had rum and cookie night, and after I was tipsy and couldn’t sleep. Feeling bold from rum, I called up an old girlfriend that I still lusted for, and she said she would come to get me!

I tiptoed downstairs and watched the headlights in the yard. But  it wasn’t Sandra at the door—it was a very old man with a fedora and a huge poinsettia.

I had no idea what was going on—until I saw Mom shuffling out of her room, dressed in a lacy red nightie and a silk Santa robe. Oh, my.” – Tyrone, 51

Santa’s Little Helpers

“My most memorable hookup happened after I was happily married! My siblings and our spouses always stay in a cheap motel near Dad’s apartment over Christmas.

After a music and candle service on Christmas Eve, I took a shower. When I came out,  my brother’s girlfriend Rosa was sitting on the bed in a skimpy little elf outfit. I tried to cover my sudden hard-on with the towel and asked her to please go. She gave me this long look and began to slowly rub her nipples.

To my shock, I heard a giggle from the closet and my wife Maria emerged behind a ridiculous cardboard box with gold wrap. The box fell and she was in a white thong and bra with little snowflakes. ‘It was my idea,’ Maria said. ‘Rosa and I are yours through the holiday.’ It was my first threesome, and boy was I excited!

Before I knew it they were both licking me like a candy cane.

‘What about Carlos?’ I asked, thinking of my brother. Maria said, ‘Don’t worry, he gets us too… you don’t mind, do you?’ I didn’t!

We all agreed that this was a one time thing… you can’t recreate this stuff and make it work. It was a mind-blowing Christmas, though, and every time I hear ‘Silver Bells’ or ‘The First Noel’, I think of these two angels on top of me.” – Richard, 25

Winter Wonderland Surprise

“To avoid the pricey Christmas airfares, our family postpones ours until mid-January. I usually enjoy the quiet, but one Christmas found myself a bit lonely. I walked to a pub. Only four people were there, and a dusty cardboard reindeer. 

This girl came in with snowflakes in her hair and eyes I could get lost in. I offered her a drink. She had a sweater with deer on it and Rudolf’s nose. The whole thing felt like a mystical and tacky Christmas special. She had no makeup. Almost plain, but ethereal, her skin glowed and her tits were knockouts.

What happened next I hardly believe myself. She said she wanted to walk. The snowfall was dazzling. She took my hand, and we walked until we were half frozen, then she pulled my head toward her and kissed me like I’ve never been kissed. It was like the stars were falling, like a dream.  

I felt her hand searching inside my pants, her cold fingers on my hot cock… without  a word, just her tongue in my mouth, she worked her hand around my dick until I exploded. Then she turned into a little motel and was gone.

I have had some hot dates and loved some wonderful women; but nothing comes close to that sad, strange, beautiful, bewildering night. I never saw her again.” – Al, 30

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