Poll: How Important Is an Intellectual Connection for Hookups?

We all know how important chemistry is when it comes to hooking up. How your date moves, how she smells, the way she laughs—all of these things will likely influence how attracted or repelled you are by her. But what about the books she’s read? Or how much she knows about current affairs? Can you talk to her about complex issues? Does it even matter?

Sapiosexuality is defined as “the state of being sexually attracted to intelligence or the human mind.” I’ve talked to some of my guy friends about it, and most of them agree that a woman’s brain is one of the most attractive things about her.

Even when they’re not looking for anything beyond a casual hookup, they will seek out women who are smart and willing to engage in meaningful conversation. Some admitted they’re even more attracted to women who are smarter than them, and that being put in their place intellectually is a huge turn on.

What do you think? Are smart women sexier than their average-brained counterparts? Do you value a woman’s ability to process information in an accurate and concise manner over her waist-to-hip ratio?

How Important Is an Intellectual Connection to You when Hooking Up?

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How does intelligence factor into your hookups? Please share in the comments!

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