Poll: How Casual Are You about Sex?

Do we really live in a hookup culture, or is that just what people like to think? I think it depends on many variables such as sex, age, culture, and values. Just like some people consider an emotional connection to constitute cheating, casual dating can refer to playing the field or having as many hookups as you can handle.

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The free love of the sixties does seem to be making a resurgence of sorts, what with the rise of the polyamory lifestyle and the casual attitudes towards sex that many young people embrace. Some folks refer to “hanging out” and “Netflix and chill” to equate a sexual hookup. 

I think sex meant a lot more to me when I was younger, before online dating. It still means something when it’s with the right person, but casual sex seems far more acceptable to society as a whole, and maybe to myself too.

So how chill are you about sex?

Take our poll to describe what best fits your attitude towards sex, and check back to see how other readers voted.

How Casual Are You about Sex?

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Want to add something more, a little detail about your perspectives on dating and sex? Please share in the comments.

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