Thinking of Returning to the Bar Scene? Don’t!

I’ve met plenty a hookup and boyfriends in bars before I tried online dating, and I can’t say I’ll never do it again, but it’s not my first choice in satisfying my desires.

The bar scene will always be there, but why bother when you can browse thousands of profiles. Whether it’s a one-time hookup or a long term love affair you’re after, there’s a site. And if sex is all you want you can be honest and know you’ll only get replies from those interested (no slap in the face). Maybe you’re into kink, older women, or big ladies—don’t waste time on the bar stool waiting for what you want—press that ON button now.  And don’t forget about the international factor. If you travel and want a little company when you get there, get online and make a date.

What’s better than meeting, chatting, and getting to know someone in the comfort of your own home? You can take your time writing a great profile and there’s no on-the-spot selling of yourself. Take as long as you need before you feel ready to meet that certain someone in person. Let body language (via video chat) speak volumes previous to your intimate encounter.

Back in the day, friends joked, “People who have to meet online are desperate.” Hello! Online dating is the norm now. Everyone’s doing it. Millions of people are online right now looking for love, a quick lay, or something in between.

If your libido is off the charts you have a better chance of hooking up online than trawling in bars, believe me. It’s easy to find a one-night stand playmate. And afterwards, you don’t  have to worry about running into that person again at your favourite hangout. Why waste a fortune buying her drinks, not knowing whether she’s going to go home with you?

A hookup can be personal and intimate yet still anonymous. At some point we’ve all slept with our available friends or friends of friends, and so on. Maybe you need satisfying more than most and don’t want the entanglements of a long term relationship. How much you reveal to online hotties is up to you.

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