Sexy Valentine Gifts for Your Lover

Valentine’s Day is a delicate time in Hookup Land. You don’t necessarily want to say “I love you” to your casual hookup, but you definitely don’t want her to feel neglected on February 14. So why not get her a kinky sexy gift to bring to the bedroom on that special night. Win win, right?

Here are sexy Valentine’s gifts that I’ve had a chance to try out with my lovely lady.

Red Locking/Buckling Cuffs
Red Cuffs

These Valentine’s Day red cuffs are perfect for introductory bondage play. Take turns cuffing each other and enjoy the sensations derived from giving complete control over to your partner. My girl and I have the matching red collar and leash too which is great if you want to up the kink factor.

Buy these red hot cuffs now!


KinkLab Blindfold

Red Blindfold

Sensory deprivation is a really fun element to add to the bedroom. You and your sexy hookup could, again, take turns. There’s no way to describe how amazing it feels to never see what’s coming next. Don’t forget, for a lot of men, blindfolding results in lasting longer too!  Comes in black or Valentine red.

Order matching blindfolds here!

G-Spot Finger Extender Toy Two

G-Spot Finder
If you’re thinking of getting into dildo play this is an amazing introductory toy for you and your gal. Designed to help both men and women discover her g-spot, I can tell you from experience, it works!!! It’s especially great if you’re into watching your partner play with herself. I can’t recommend this toy enough!

Buy the Finger Extender now to find her g-spot!


Gentle Persuasions Paddle

Purple PaddleSo you and your hookup have want to get into spanking, but you haven’t taken that step yet. Well I was a rookie once, too. This paddle was perfect for and easy intro into spanking. One side is hard leather for a slightly more punishing spank, while the other side is soft and smooth for more sensual play.

Buy now to paddle your partner!

Anal for Beginners

Pegging Video
Have you two been thinking about getting into anal? Both for him and her? Check out this dvd Expert Guide to Pegging. My hookup was not so into the idea until we sat through this video. Now she’s seen the light and is way into it!

Order now and watch your way into new territory!

Got any suggestions for sexy kinky Valentine’s Day gifts?

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