Why I Love Men with Kids

Everyone talks about MILFs, but what about Dads I’d Like to F@#k? I’m way too young to think about settling down with someone, or have kids, and to be honest, I don’t know if I ever will. But there is something about a man with children  that makes me want to jump him.

My first DILF turn on went down when I was working as a nanny one summer. A man committed (to someone else!) gets me horny. I flirted with this dad (walked around in my skimpiest bikini) and I knew he was attracted to me, but he was afraid of his wife, if you know what I mean.

After that I began  searching online specifically for men with kids. There are tons and I know that a lot of women stay clear of these guys so there would be less competition. I was only after sex because the idea of being a step-mommy is a total freak out.

Terry, my last DILF, was a single dad. We’d meet in the park with his two-year-old son. It was super sweet to see him interacting, which brings me to what attracts me most to these guys. Most dads are protective, gentle (not necessarily in the bedroom!), responsible, devoted, real, empathetic, and often have a hunger that is not being satisfied because they are so busy with work and their kids. We had a three-week steamy affair. We even had sex in his bed while his wife was away on a business trip.

Besides online, I like to find dad eye-candy in the parks (although I do have to compete with single moms on the make). I also look for DILFs at the beach, in the library, and at the coffeeshops.

So if you’re in a sexless marriage and have kids, don’t despair and don’t be shy. If you catch a hottie like myself watching you, making eye contact –  make a move. Then tell us about your experience.

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