What to Bring to Her Place for a Hookup

A common concern when meeting women online is: where are we going to hook up? Most ladies will initially want a first date to be somewhere public because this is safe, so never expect a woman to come to your place or invite you over to hers before you meet in person. But let’s fast forward…

You’ve met once or twice, both felt an attraction, and now want to see what chemistry you have behind closed doors. Some women will want to go to your place (this is why it’s important to always have your pad hookup ready) while others will feel more comfortable in their own environment.

If you’re asked to come to her place for the first time, you might be wondering what to bring. You don’t have to pack for a weekend sleepover, but there are a few things you might want to take along.

Just be sure not to arrive with too much, as she might think you’re planning to stay.

 7 Things to Bring to Her Place for a Hookup

  1. Toothbrush. Don’t leave it on the edge of her sink, but have it with you to keep your breath fresh.
  2. Wine or beer. Even if you don’t drink, it’s a nice gesture.
  3. Condoms. Pack at least a couple in your wallet. She probably has some but never assume, and she likely won’t know the brand you like.
  4. Snacks. Arriving with pastries, or cheese and crackers is cool, and better than asking her to feed you if you get hungry. You may even want to offer to grab some take-out on the way over.
  5. Ideas. It’s unlikely that she will greet you in her robe and be DTF, so have some ideas about what to do that segues into sexy time (e.g., watching a classic movie, playing a board game, or giving a foot massage.)
  6. Flowers. This may seem either too forward or too cheesy, but if you’re real sweet on a girl, and you’ve already had date chemistry, it’s a thoughtful move.
  7. Cash and Credit. You may decide to go out either that night or the next morning for brunch, so be prepared to treat or at the very least pay your own way. And if you get the bum’s rush after sex or first thing in the morning, you’ve got some taxi fare!

Some of my suggestions may seem over the top, but they can go a long way when it comes to turning a hookup into either a regular arrangement or something more serious.

What do you bring when you go to her place?

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