3 Tips for Turning a Hookup into a Regular Fuck Buddy

Picture this – the girl you just had amazing sex with all night long has just picked up her things and walked out the door. You really wouldn’t mind having a fuck session like that again, but you’re not sure how to turn a hookup into a regular fuck buddy. There are a few moves you can make to be sure there aren’t mixed signals when you try and get that hookup to happen more often.

1. Start to space your hookups closer together.
A lot of guys seem to fall into seven week cycles with their hookups. Maybe it’s a babe you met at the club and brought home, and have “run into” a few times since. Sometimes it’s a coworker who heads out for drinks every other month or so. If you’re spacing out your hookups, see if you can slowly start timing them closer together. Hit up that gym she goes to once a month, then once every few weeks, then weekly. Take your time to get this fuck buddy status in place!

2. Share more of your information with her.
Most guys who get together with ladies for one night stands keep their information close to the chest. If you’re looking to get together with the new hottie who enjoys fucking you as much as you do her, you’ve got to share some information. How else are you going to send out those late night booty calls? I’d hold off giving her your phone number right away, since it’s a pain in the ass to change if things go south. Stick to social media platforms like Twitter or Kik where it’s easier to block contact. Once you’ve got a stable fuck-buddy relationship going, then move onto giving her those digits.

3. Tell her you’d like to fuck her more regularly.
You’ve got to be smart about this one. All too often the conversation that started out with turning your hookup into a regular fuck buddy comes out sounding like you’re wanting a girlfriend. Be clear that you’re not looking for a relationship – just a more regular fuck when you both feel the need.

Do you have a fuck buddy? What makes the relationship a success?

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