Should You Hook Up with Your Friends?

It makes sense that friends would want to hook up with each other. Haven’t you ever felt attracted to a buddy or gal pal? However, does hooking up help or ruin friendships? We asked a few people to tell us what they think.

“I have always hooked up with my friends!” exclaims Iona, who is also an office manager at “I’m polyamorous, so for me hooking up is just an extension of friendship. I have had a few friendships break off because these trysts led to romantic feelings that were not reciprocated, but for the most part it’s a fun and sexy way to explore a friendship.”

“I would never hook up with a friend,” warns Adam, who we found on “That’s why I use a dating site. I just think that friendships get too messy when sex is involved. I like to keep these relationships separate.”

“I’ve hooked up with a few of my friends, just for fun. It was great, but I don’t hook up with all of them, just the ones I think are especially hot. We’re always able to keep things casual because we still do our friend things, as well as our sex things. I love having my cake and eating it too” says Jackson, another guy who uses Find Hookups to meet girls online.

“I hooked up with my best friend one drunken night, and it was pretty awkward afterwards, but soon the awkwardness faded and we were back to being friends again. I wouldn’t do it again though. Maybe with an acquaintance, but not my best friend,” laughs Jodi, a relationship specialist at BDSM Date.

So what about you? Would you hook up with your friends? Your best friend? An acquaintance? Have a story to share? Share in the comments!

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