Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Laid

Do you consider yourself half-way attractive with a good personality, but you can’t comprehend why women aren’t throwing themselves at you? Do you go on lots of first and second dates, but never a third?

Have you ever met a woman for the first time, only to see her face fall or her body shift right before she runs out of the restaurant? I can’t explain the laws of physical attraction, but I can offer some suggestions as to why your penis has grown cobwebs.

You’re Too Desperate

Desperation is the force with which you push for that first date, the number of text messages you send without a response, or the way you keep turning the conversation back to sex. It’s unsolicited dick pics, and insincere compliments.

Anything that has the potential of making your date feel pressured into giving you something you desperately need is a no no. If you’re prone to these types of behaviors, make a conscious effort to notice when they are about to happen, then change course.

You Give Off a Creepy Vibe

Unlike desperation, creepiness can’t be addressed through behavioral changes alone. You need to get to the root of why you’re being creepy in the first place. Do you want something you’re afraid to admit to? Are you meeting your date under false pretenses? Are you attempting to trick her into something, or withholding important information, like your relationship or sexual health status?

There are many factors that can contribute to you sending out a creepy vibe, but they all have one thing in common: your underlying intentions. If these are not honorable, you will probably find yourself alone at the end of the night.

You Smell Bad

Shower regularly! Brush your teeth! Carry breath mints, and change your clothes before you head out for your date! If none of these things help, visit a doctor because your bad body odor could be a sign that something is off with your diet, or just your health in general.

Smell is so important to sexual attraction, maybe even more so than physical appearance, so it’s in your best interest to get any problems taken care of.

You Come across as a Jerk

Do your dates start out well, but quickly turn sour? Do you find yourself either arguing or having one-sided conversations with your dinner companions while they fiddle with their silverware and look genuinely uncomfortable? Have you ever had a date leave partway though, or throw a drink in your face? If you said “yes” to any of this, you’re probably a jerk.

Some guys think douchebaggery is a turn on. They think that negging guarantees them action—never true! Sure, some women respond favorably to light teasing, but don’t expect to get laid when you’re behaving like an arrogant prick.

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