Hookup Heaven: Is it Over?

So you’ve been hooking up with a sweet lady for two months. Things have been going great until about a week ago. All of a sudden it didn’t feel right. The sex isn’t as passionate, interest seems to be waning. Could this be the end? You need to gauge whether it’s time to move on, and put your hook back in the water. But how do you know for sure?

Signs that your hook up has come to an end, and it’s time to start fishing again:

1. You’re Just Not That Into Them
You know the butterflies you felt when her name came up on your phone? The excitement you felt when you were waiting for her to show up at your door? If those feelings are gone, so is your passion for her. This is a clear indicator you’re just not that into her anymore and it’s time to move on. Why go through the motions and pretend when there’s someone else out there who will give you so much more.

2. Sex Becomes Boring
Your hot steamy sexcipades have turned into the routine of a 40-years married couple. The sparks are gone. You got into this for hot no-strings-attached-sex, right? Well, sex that is missing the hot and steamy is just plain cold and boring. Not what you signed up for, is it? Definitely time to find someone else who floats your boat!

3. Imbalanced Feelings
One of you has developed strong feelings for the other. If that’s you who has the unrequited feelings, it’s definitely time to get out and spare yourself the pain of heartbreak. Remember, this was a hookup friends-with-benefits type arrangement, not the beginnings of a relationship. There’s a good chance she doesn’t want to go further. Maybe you should look for that special someone and not that let’s-have-sex-and-that’s-that-someone, ya dig?

4. Communication Breakdown
You’re used to having semi-regular communication with your hookup. Sure, you’re not in a relationship, so you don’t expect much, but lately you’ve barely heard from her. This is a bad sign. Some people don’t have the guts to properly let someone go and therefore take the “chicken” route – as in they just stop calling. If it’s only you taking the initiative, chances are she’s one of said “chickens”. I suggest confronting her about your standing, and if you don’t get an answer or a somewhat prompt reply, it’s game over for sure.

Have experiences where you knew it was over? What was the tip-off?

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