How to Find Senior Women: Senior Dating Sites

Want to meet playful seniors but don’t know where to start?

Today we’re going to take a look at the best senior dating sites for both dating and relationships. These senior dating sites in particular work for both seniors seeking seniors, and even younger guys who dream of meeting up with local mature women.

If you’re serious about meeting senior partners, take a look at these tried and true sites for those who enjoy the experience and maturity of older lovers.

Disclosure: I’ve had a full membership at all the following sites, and am still active at I only recommend sites I know to be the real thing, and once I feel comfortable listing a site I sometimes use links that earn a small commission if a reader upgrades. It costs nothing extra, just helps to keep our little hookup blog alive.

Best Senior Dating Sites for Hookups


Biggest and best, Senior Sizzle is the go-to site for people who want to find senior senior singles, (and even couples), in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. With all ages and sexual orientations welcome, this senior site is probably the most open-minded, and naughtiest, of all the options out there.

Be prepared for nudity and an exciting anything-goes approach to dating. Inside you’ll find live member video streams, video introductions, topical chat rooms, member-created groups, and even the ability to start your own blog. There’s a lot to do and see here!

Note that Senior Sizzle is part of the network, which is likely the reason for their popularity and ability to bring millions of open-minded people worldwide.

Find Senior Hookups Now at


This is a much smaller community than Senior Sizzle, but part of the reason is because Mature Hookup Dating is more niche. They cater specifically to older members, and the simplicity of their features reflects that. So you won’t find streaming video or local groups, but there are a good number of people here who are ready for real-life hookups.

You’ll find a lot of older women in particular here, and they don’t mind younger men joining up to find experienced lovers. I recommend as a good second option, particularly if you live in the US as this is where the bulk of their members are.

Dating Sites for Seniors Seeking Love


If you’ve arrived at this post because you were searching for senior dating, but think that a site like Senior Sizzle is too hot to handle, take a look at something more tame like This is my choice for senior dating when the goal is to find a loving relationship or friendly companionship.

Senior Friend Finder is aimed at senior women and men over 60, and I would not consider it a good option for younger people looking for senior lovers. In fact, if you’re a younger guy looking for older women, I suggest you try a cougar dating site like instead.

Tips for Senior Dating Site Success

  1. Create a profile that stands out from the rest.
    It takes a little time, but you’ll reap rewards in the form of many more replies. Fill everything out completely and be specific about your desires and interests. And for goodness sake, be sure to add some photos. Without a decent picture you will not get much action. If you are worried about discretion, try because they have an option to keep photos private except for when you choose to share.
  2. Take advantage of all site features.
    On a site with literally millions of members, a good way to bring more attention to your profile is to be active and use all the features. Try out the chat rooms, create a blog post about your love of senior ladies, or even broadcast from your own webcam for other users. More exposure means more messages.
  3. Craft personalized messages that older women will love.
    It’s a seriously bad idea to write what you think is a good message, and then cut and paste it to as many attractive seniors as you can. You may think this is a good way to get replies, but I can assure you that mature women are discerning and will see right through you. Instead, focus on the profiles of members that you think are a good match, read their profile in it’s entirety, and then write them a personal note. Touch on something they mentioned, ask a question about their interests, comment on their photos. They will be flattered and impressed, and much more likely to respond.

What Makes these Senior Dating Sites the Best?

  • Bigger is Better.
    All sites recommended at Hookup Land must have enough members to make finding actual hookups and dates viable. This is why we currently don’t list any senior dating apps, as none of them as proven to have enough popularity at this time.
  • No shady tactics.
    No one wants to be spammed with fake messages, and no one wants to sort through bot profiles. I will only suggest senior sites to readers that have legit members!
  • Fair price for upgrading.
    If there was a great senior dating site that was also free, believe me, I’d be all over it and tell you all about it. However, the best senior dating sites all require an upgrade to use their most important features, but it’s not such a bad thing. The sites on our list have reasonable monthly memberships that cost much less than one night out seeking new partners. This also serves as a paywall to keep your profile more safe and secure. This is especially important when sites like are full of nude pictures and videos of their members. You wouldn’t want them visible to casual surfers. 😉

Once you try out one of these top senior dating and hookup sites, come back and let us know! Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

Best of luck, Lola. xo

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