7 Spanking Tips for His and Hers Fun

Spanking is one of those sexy, hanky-panky delights that kinky and vanilla folks can all enjoy. It can be serious or saucy, mild or intense. It can be a powerful play of power dynamics, or a cute and fun way to add a bit of tender spice.

You might know you love to spank or be spanked, but if it’s not something on your menu or bucket list, you can try it anyways just to expand the kind of sensations you experience with your partner.

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7 Spanking Tips for Couples

1. Forget BDSM

If you’re kinky and into domination and submission, or punishment and humiliation, you have probably already experienced the joys of spanking.

But the rest of you can enjoy spanking, too, strictly for the sensations it offers. Don’t feel you have to build a dungeon or dress up in leather and latex, or that it has to involve pain.

Forget all about S&M or BDSM if you’re not into that kind of thing. Spanking can be playful and tingly. Swatting her buttocks a few times while you’re ramming her from behind is something you’re always tempted to do, right? If she gives the green light, go for it—just for fun.

2. Spank when You’re Aroused

The spankee should already be cranked up and aroused. Don’t just pull down her pants and start hitting her butt. Wait until her body is warmed up, and then approach. That’s when the sensations feel sexy.

3. Spank Safely

Dominatrixes suggest using a slightly cupped hand, and concentrating on the fleshy bottom third of the ass and upper thighs.

You can vary those spanks with flat hand swats, massage, and feathery finger strokes, but make use of the slight cup. It takes the sensation past skin deep into the muscles without being damaging.

4. Test and Tease

The rubbing and stroking in between slaps add pleasure for the spanker, as well as more ways to show affection, but their teasing variations serve another purpose—stimulating blood flow.

Spanking isn’t just psychologically satisfying, it’s also physiological. Getting circulation to the backside and bottom and experiencing it in new ways heightens sexual stimulation and pleasure.

5. Mix Spanking with or without Penetration

Ass love doesn’t necessarily mean anal penetration. Spanking lets us enjoy each other’s butts without involving the inside.

If you want her to go in, or want to get into her ass, spanking is an amazing gateway drug.

6. Try Prolonged Spanking

A few swipes can be fun, but see if you can endure ten full minutes of varied spanking. The sensations become deep and fulfilling if you go beyond a certain point.

7. Get Creative

Can you use different instruments for spanking fun? Yes, but proceed with common sense alongside your imagination. A wooden spoon or spatula can be amazing, but always communicate and practice safely and cautiously. Don’t get carried away.

You can use a hairbrush gently for a prickly sensation while spanking, or use it to brush her butt cheeks. A feather duster is wonderful for stroking and tickling in between hand swats. Try spreading lube all over ass cheeks to experience a wet massage or spanking. Take a stroll through your place—you’ll see, the possibilities are limitless.

What spanking tools or techniques do you employ? Please share in the comments!

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