4 Kinks You Can Indulge through Casual Sex

If you’re sexually adventurous, you may find it more challenging to explore elaborate kinks and fetishes on a one-night stand than in a relationship when you have a chance to get to know a woman, trust each other, and have time for experimenting and communication.

But there are some kinks that work great on a first date or casual hookups.

Find your hookups on kinky dating sites, and make sure to mention your favorite fetishes and adventurous sexuality on your dating profile.

4 Common Kinks that Work for Casual Sex

1. Anonymous Sex

Memorable, hot, sweaty, anonymous sex is a fantasy for many. Those who are happily married may have this desire frequently, so get it while you can!

There are lots of benefits to a serious relationship, but right now, the pure, unadulterated, no-strings hookup is the pinnacle of sexual freedom. Anonymous sex used to be a very strong desire and fantasy, even a fetish, when it was forbidden and taboo—men, and especially women, risked or sacrificed their reputation for a few stolen moments. So get out there!

2. Threesomes

It might seem like your chances of a threesome are best at a college bender, which is all great and good if you’re in college, but the least likely threeway is the spontaneous affair. Plan a threesome online through dating websites, and make the unlikely fantasy a regular reality.

3. Foot Worship

Here’s the thing with the popular foot fetish—guys have it, and women don’t. Sure, there are a few babes who get off having their toes sucked, but by and large, it’s something we indulge rather than long for. After all, it doesn’t take much—it’s an excuse for a pampering pedicure, a foot massage, and maybe new shoes.

That said, don’t just announce you want to fuck her feet in the middle of a casual hookup. If she’s going to give you a foot job or let you worship her feet, she wants to know about it BEFORE your date.

The best approach you can do to secure some tender tootsie love is to be up front when making hookup plans online. Tell her what you’re into, and say you’d love to worship her feet—as PART of the experience. Don’t be vague or creepy—let her know exactly what foot love entails for you. Sniffing old sneakers is different from having your balls crushed by stilettos, and different still from a long toenail fetish.

4. Pegging

You might think that getting a hot babe to strap on a harness and dildo would require the time, patience, and trust of a relationship. But some men and women are both more comfortable cutting loose and getting wild with the protection of anonymity.

No one is going to bring this up during a one-time-only hookup, so mention it well in advance. You can find a woman who wants the same thing as you do on kinky dating sites. Arranging a hookup with a good pegging on both of your minds will mean a one-night stand that lasts in your memory a lifetime.

What kinks do you explore through casual sex?

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