Cruising Women with Your Girlfriend

Confessions of a Cinnamon Gum Kisser

I was so thrilled when I received the email. I asked the sender: if kept anonymous, would she allow me to share it on this site? I got the feeling that agreeing to do so wet her panties. Behold, a true story…

Dear Christopher,

My BF reads your posts all the time and he’s always going “you should try this!” about the things you’re always suggesting. More than anything he’s been on my back about having sex with another woman.

I finally said we could go to a sex-club together. At most I was prepared to watch other people having sex. I’ve never really been into porn. I’m not opposed to it, but I just find it weird watching people “perform.”

It took me a while to relax at the club. We basically stayed in our own corner and madeout. Then he begged for another compromise. He wanted to walk around and watch me offer to kiss other girls on the mouth. It was dark enough, so I said sure.

It was an hour before I kissed a girl — for the first time in my life, ever! It was weird, but only because I was so self-conscious about it. What really stuck out was the fact that all I could taste was her cinnamon gum.

My BF was thrilled and wanted to see more. And guess what?! The 2nd girl I kissed tasted like cinnamon, too! Then it occurred to me: 1) everyone is chewing gum to keep their breath kissably fresh, 2) guys don’t chew cinnamon gum — girls do!

Something about that really turned me on. I was ready to stay all night, kissing other girls! I can’t believe the amount of cinnamon I tasted on my tongue that night. And even though I left without having an orgasm, I still felt satisfied.

Better Kissing to Get the Girl

Now whenever I pop a cinnamon gum into my mouth I feel sexy. And when I see another woman pop a cinnamon gum into her mouth I confess I get wet…

Who knows if I’ll ever go further. But I just wanted to let you know that your posts led me indirectly to a new and unforgettable experience. It kills me to admit that my BF was right!!!!

Thanks a bunch & cinnamon kisses to you! xxx

Seriously — how can I not love what I do?

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