Opening Up Your Relationship

You and your partner have both expressed desires and interest in other people. Perhaps you both want to go out on your own and have sexy hookups with new lovers, or maybe you’re looking for someone to bring into the bedroom for a steamy threesome. Once achieved, a successful open relationship can be very fulfilling, but the act of opening up can be fraught with difficulties. Here are some tips to help you open up a relationship to allow for more steamy hookups in your life.

1. Be Honest

Honesty is really important in the success of an open relationship. Don’t hide dates or sexy details from your partner. Don’t lie about where you’ve been or who you’ve been hanging out with. If you’ve decided to go down the open relationship road together, you’ve got to be ready for the honest details.

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2. It’s OK to be Jealous

Jealousy is a natural emotion. You may feel a twinge of it in the beginning of the process of opening up a relationship. It’s not the emotion that is bad, but how people choose to act on it. If you’re feeling jealous, don’t take it out on your partner in an angry way. Try to talk to them about what is making you feel jealous. When you feel jealous it’s also a good idea to do something that focuses on yourself such as working out, going out to lunch, or a trip to the spa.

3. Do Some Research or Join a Group

There is lots of information available on different forms of open relationships. Look online at great polyamorous resource sites like or join a dating site like There is almost always at least one community of polyamorous or non-monogamous people in any sizeable city or town. Join one of them or go to an event to meet other people with similar lifestyle choices. Who knows, you might also meet a potential hookup in addition to finding support!

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