How to Host a Safe Sex Party

Who doesn’t fantasize about group sex. Even those who say they don’t — don’t believe ‘em. (I’ve no doubt that if you could find a way inside their psyches, there’d be plenty of puppy-pilin’ going on.)

If safety — in all its forms — is your issue, it needn’t be. You can plan a soirée as harmless (if not filthy!) as a holiday dinner.

For those of you with the chutzpah enough to dive in, here’s what you’ll want to get straight before the big night, in order to ensure a party that’s safe:

Guess who’s cumming to dinner? Don’t post an open call on Craigslist. Only invite like-minded people you know and trust. Guests can bring guests, but only if they’re pre-approved by you. The last thing you want to be hung up on all night is the possibility of theft and/or the origins of a stranger’s cold sore.

What you say goes. Period. Upon reaching the arrival cut-off time, lock the door to prevent any unwanted stragglers — then lay out the ground rules. Hold a Q&A. Make people feel safe and comfortable. If anyone has last-minute doubts, now’s the perfect time to bolt.

Wrap it up. Condoms: wear them or you’re out — that’s the non-negotiable rule. Provide them in all the colours of the rainbow by the bowlful. Those who insist they’re unnecessary because they only fuck one partner shouldn’t be exempted. It’s a sex party — everyone follows the same rules.

Getting mouthy. Although it’s less likely to catch a disease via oral sex, you can still choose to suck cock through a condom or eat pussy through a dental dam — you can’t get much safer than that. (But, if in familiar company, wouldn’t you rather have the real thing? That’s just me — I like the taste of sex.)

Dirty dongs. Wrap your dildos with a condom! Unless you want little bits of whatever’s inside your friends’ holes getting inside of your own. If you can afford it, the best solution is stainless steel. Steel toys sanitize easily—and they warm up nicely, too! Find dildos and insertables at the Kink Lovers Store.

The latest bug. For goodness sake, you’ll be lying naked in a pile — anyone sick should be honest about it ahead of time and stay at home! If the party’s a success then guaranteed there’ll be another. Skip the cock’n’pussy and stay home with honey’n’lemon.

Sex parties work. They’ve been popular since the beginning of time. And once you get a taste of how easy — and safe! — they can be, you’ll never look back.

Besides, if you’re brave enough to even consider it… it must be what you want

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