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Couples Hookup Sites: 5 Reasons to Join

Couple Dating Online

Some people think that the only reason someone in a couple might log on to a dating site is to find someone to cheat with. This does happen, but it’s also a surefire way to get caught nowadays, what with online histories and a trail of app text messages that you leave behind.

There are many more reasons couples join, together, as a unit. And now there are couples hookup sites that cater specifically to different types of couple hookups and relationships.

5 Reasons Couples Date Online… Together

1. To Explore Polyamory

Polyamory means “many loves” and is a spectrum that includes many types of relationship dynamics. It may mean that one or both of you is interested in having secondary partners outside your primary relationship. Maybe it’s just one of you, and the other wants to be included in looking for that person to meet the other’s needs. Maybe you want someone new to be a more integral part of your lives, to form an egalitarian polycule with you.

Couples dating sites like PolyamoryDate.com are designed for couples who are interested in the poly lifestyle.

2. To Look for Threesomes

Before dating sites existed, a horny couple looking for a threesome would go to the local bar or club and hope they’d magically find that certain someone. Although this was a possibility, it was rare and random.

Now couples keen to open their relationship up to group-sex encounters are able to be more discreet on hookup sites for couples. You can create a custom profile for the two of you, and take your time vetting potential thirds to find out if they are compatible with your needs and interests before meeting.

Head to Threesome Tips to get the low down on the Best Threesome Hookup Sites.

3. To Satisfy Sexual Kinks

Just because you’ve been with a person for years doesn’t mean they want to participate in all your sexual fantasies. Some lovers are more than okay with finding a secondary for their partner because they take pleasure from their partner’s pleasure, whether they are directly involved or not.

It’s a progressive way of thinking and relating, and it takes a strong foundation and high level of trust. Maybe you have a fantasy that you share with your partner, but it involves three people. Explore kinky couples hookup sites to meet other kinksters to share your fantasies with:

4 Dating Sites for Kinky Couples

4. To Meet Swingers

Swinging didn’t end in the sixties. In fact, it’s stronger now than ever as an alternative lifestyle. You don’t hear so much about it because it’s something most participants want to keep private. That’s why it’s underground, and why there are so many couples hookup sites to cater to these crowds.

You can easily meet local swinger couples at CouplesDating.com.

Swinger dating sites are used by adventurous couples who want to mix and mingle with other like-minded folks for swapping or group-sex adventures. It’s a great way to satisfy your needs for connection, both socially and sexually.

5. To Experiment

Maybe you want someone just to watch the two of you having sex, to direct the action, or make a video for your later viewing pleasure. Maybe you need one more person to act out your lover’s roleplaying fantasy of being kept prisoner by two doting dominants. Or maybe you want to find that first stud for your wife’s stable, because you both want to try the hotwifing lifestyle.

You see, there are so many reasons you might try couple hookups together.

Do you and your partner use couple hookup sites together? Tell us about it in the comments!

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