Would You Go Down on a Man in a MFM Threesome?

Full disclosure: I was the middle of an MFM threesome where all of us had negotiated that I would be receiving most of the attention. But during the hookup, I suddenly wanted to see a little show while I masturbated because both of my lovers were so beautiful.

I asked these men if they would go down on each other to turn me on. It’s not something that happens all the time—it’s not every day I have a threesome. But you never know where you’ll find yourself.

What would you do if a woman asked you this while in an MFM threesome? Would you perform oral on another guy?

What to Do when Asked to Go Down

1. Say no if you’re not into it.

Don’t do something you don’t want to do, just because your date is into it. It’s wonderful when unexpected opportunities arise to explore new sexual adventures, but no matter what someone wants, if you don’t want it, politely decline. “I’m not into that, sorry,” should suffice.

Be open to experimentation and new forms of pleasure.

On the other hand, a lot of stuff we decline is actually super exciting. And some opportunities only knock once, and we might push them away with knee jerk responses.

I always ask myself “why not” when presented with a decision to make about my erotic life. And then I answer it honestly, all inside my head in a matter of moments.

It’s dangerous, it’s something that turns me off, it’s not what I want—those are all valid. But sometimes it’s just something new to me or something that could bring my lover pleasure even if it doesn’t turn ME on as much, or it might be a doorway to somewhere exciting.

Be playful, and don’t take things too seriously.

Don’t expect your first guy-on-guy oral experience to be what you see in porn or anything. Expect to mix a playful spirit with pleasure and get it wrong. That’s okay. Just watch your teeth and you’re good!

Be attentive to your partner’s body language.

Chances are, your blowjob partner will signal to you what he likes and what techniques are working. Listen for positive moans of pleasure and respond accordingly to their hips thrusting forward or suddenly pulling away.

Ask him—and her—how you’re doing, and let them give you pointers along the way.

Join her at the table.

As I discovered in my own MFM, once my lover went down on the other man, the most exciting way to experience this buffet was to join him. This meant he was a LOT more into it—we both had our tongues all over his shaft and head, but it was like sloppy French kissing each other at the same time. This was more exciting for both men because I was still in the picture.

Work out what you need to in order to make the most of the scene!

Would you be game to go down? Please share in the comments!

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