4 Signs Your Friend with Benefits Wants Out

Wondering if your gut feeling—telling you that your friend with benefits is about to bail—is correct? If you’re googling this post in the middle of the night, unable to sleep for fear that your casual-sex pipeline is about to dry up, I hate to say it, but you’re probably right.

Intuition is a powerful gift. It tells us more about any given situation than actions or words ever could. The problem is, we don’t always listen to it. We dismiss its messages as paranoia or an overactive imagination.

4 Signs that Your Fuck Buddy Wants to Call It Quits

1. She Doesn’t Answer Your Calls or Texts

If it takes her twenty minutes to reply that yes, she’s down with sucking your cock tonight, don’t panic. She was probably driving when your text came in, or something. If she ghosts you or responds after several days without issuing an apology or an explanation, you can assume she’s lost interest. She’s probably hoping you’ll take the hint and move on.

2. She Doesn’t Want to Plan Anything in Advance

It’s not a good sign if she used to make plans with you, but now wants to “play it by ear.” Those four words are the death rattle of any FWB arrangement. What they mean is: “I want out, but I don’t know how to break it to you.” She might also be waiting to see if anything better comes along before pulling the plug.

Of course, some people just aren’t into planning things. If she’s the spontaneous type but consistently wants to hook up with you, it’s probably not time to stock up on the lube just yet.

3. She Starts Being Super Critical

This means she’s either sick of you, or she’s developed feelings and is trying to distance herself for fear that you might find out. That’s my take on it, though keep in mind I’m not a psychologist. Either way, something in your FWB dynamic is about to change.

If the two of you get off on drama, you might find yourselves in the grips of conflict for weeks or months. It might even make the sex hotter! Sooner or later, though, one or both of you will grow tired of the struggle and you’ll have to end it.

4. She Stops Making an Effort

One day you discover a jungle where once there were manicured hedges? Or you show up at her door, and she’s not wearing any pants? And I don’t mean that flirtatious game called, “I’m not wearing any paaa-aaants!” I’m talking about, “I’m not wasting the energy it takes to cover the lower half of my body with fabric.”

One might argue that this happens a lot in relationships—people get comfortable and let things slide. But you know what also happens a lot? People stop fucking one another. So if you show up at the agreed upon time and are greeted by the bare-legged, hairy-crotched incarnation of your friend with benefits, be prepared.

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