Press Release: WeLoveDating Merges with HookupLand

In May 2022, was merged into Both sites are owned and operated by Miss Lola Page.

The content from WeLoveDating has been archived at HookupLand, and where possible we’ve ensured that visitors of WeLoveDating can find what they’re looking for here.

What was WeLoveDating? was a dating review site founded in 2003. It specialized in reviews of niche dating sites, with a focus on user reviews.

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For nearly 20 years, WeLoveDating helped thousands of people discover niche-specific dating sites and find new partners.

What Happens at HookupLand?

Since 2012, HookupLand has operated as an online magazine. We dive deep into about everything about casual sex:  hookup sites, open relationships, kink, and casual dating.

Just like WeLoveDating, HookupLand is user-focused and aims to deliver the best content and advice for people interested in dating and casual sex. We also encourage our readers to try niche dating sites to meet compatible partners, no matter their interests or kink. So merging the great dating reviews of WeLoveDating with our magazine has been a natural fit.

The shared vision of these two projects, HookupLand and WeLoveDating, created a successful merger.

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