Casual Dating Sites

Affair Link may be the most popular hookup site for our readers here at HookupLand, but there’s many more that also get the job done. Below is a listing of the best sites we’ve found for finding real local hookups and casual relationships. They all have some kind of free membership with basic features so you can try them all before deciding which one to upgrade. That’s usually my advice with dating sites: test drive a few at once and then decide which one is worth upgrading, depending on the number of local profiles and which site offers the features you want.

Lola’s Recommendations..

Biggest and best thanks to their huge database which has profiles from all over the world and likely has more profiles of members in your local area than any other hookup site you’ll join. Loaded with features such as video, chat, and member blogs, and the chat is FREE with a basic membership. If you haven’t joined yet be sure to check this one out. is another popular casual dating sites out there. So what makes them different? They push the idea of having online flings as well as seeking partnerships offline. You can indulge in these online flings by setting up private video chatrooms with other members. You can keep your fling entirely online if you choose, or meet in person and take it to the next level.

The cool thing about this site is that they ask you a lot of questions about the type of sexual activies you enjoy and from there they match you up with sexually compatible women (or men). The join process is pretty fun because of this. I mean, who doesn’t like a questionaire about their favorite sex positions? This is probably the second largest site in this niche and also has all the bells and whistles in terms of features.

I joined this site awhile ago and still use it from time to time for finding new hookups. As usual, profile submission is free and you’ll find advanced search features like video and audio chat, plus free access to the message boards. The message boards are probably the best feature that you get with the free memberships, but it’s worth upgrading if you want to start sending messages to ready and willing members on the site.

Good Luck and Happy Hookup Hunting!