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Qualities that Impress Older Women

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Q: Dear Holly. I’m tired of dating girls my own age. They bore me in conversation, and the sex is never that good. I almost exclusively watch MILF porn or cougars masturbating. I want to meet older women online, but what do they want in a younger guy. I’m worried I wouldn’t measure up to their expectations. – Aiden

A: Hi Aiden. As someone who has had her share of hookups with younger men, I will share with you what has impressed me, and why some of those men became more than a one night stand.

Qualities that Impress Older Women

Adventurous. Many older gals like myself find men our own age to have become boring old couch potatoes who are happy to just watch Netflix every night. I love a younger man who is spontaneous and who wants to surprise me with creative dates and active excursions.

Stamina. Men over fifty and some over forty struggle with staying hard and lasting as long as they did when they were younger. This can be tiresome for cougars who are in their sexual prime. Show her how long you can go, and if you struggle with this, then get practicing with girls your own age before you date a mature women.

Strength. You don’t have to have a six pack, but what can impress an older woman is a man who is healthy and stays in shape. This can really come in handy when you want to pick up a woman and carry her to the bedroom before throwing her on the bed. And it certainly doesn’t hurt when she needs a favor that requires heavy lifting.

Passion. It’s not about being an intellectual as much as it is about being passionate about something. Many older women will find a curious mind an attractive one. If you can stimulate and/or challenge her mentally, she will want to stick around.

Open Minded. This especially applies to the bedroom. She’s not going to expect you to be as sexually experienced or be able to find her G-spot necessarily, but she’ll hope that you are open to trying new things like role playing, spanking, or bondage. As women age, they become more comfortable with their bodies while exploring their inner desires which can include kinks and fetishes.

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