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Worries Women Have about Their Vaginas

One thing women don’t quite get is that men worship pussy. It should be obvious to women, who complain all the time that “all men care about is pussy” or that men are easily..


Signs You’re Dating Someone in the Wrong Age Range

Age is just a number, and in many cases this is true. Couples with substantial age differences between them can fall in love and be happy together. Sometimes, however, things don’t work out so..


Reasons to Update Your Dating Profile Regularly

Online dating is like any other meaningful pursuit—you get more out of it if you put more into it. Ever listen to your buddies gripe about how dating is bullshit? We all have. Yet..


4 Reasons to Hook Up with Women Over Forty

Our society is obsessed with youth. Women in particular are encouraged to fight the signs of ageing with creams and surgeries and crazy diets. For some reason ageing is seen as a weakness and..


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