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How to Hook Up? Yahoo Answers Edition

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Ok, this isn’t really how to hook up, that’s the next blog post because I decided to share this first. This is about what I found today when I did a search for “How to hook up” on google.

Of course I see all of those Yahoo Answer links and click on the most promising:

How do you hook up with someone?
first time..pretty confused/nervous

The chosen answer is a long, overly detailed, nausea-inducing how-to on.. kissing. I liked these two answers better:

“The term “hook up” originates from the technical term that describes the process of connect another person’s system up to your LAN. This process may seem confusing at first, but it’s surprisingly easy. With most modern operating systems, all you need to do is connect the two computers via an Ethernet cable and configure file sharing.”


“Usually in Salt water, sea worms or a heavy lure will work. In Fresh water any garden worms will do or a spinner lure. Be careful removing the hook to not damage the fish’s lip.
Source(s): living in new england”

I apologize if this nerd humor doesn’t tickle you. 😛

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