Why Dating Sites Are Putting Escorts Out Of Business

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Have you ever heard the old saying “Why pay for the cow, when you can get the milk for free?” To me, this pretty much sums up why dating sites are putting escorts out of business. The same theory applies. Escorts are not cheap, they are providing a service for which you pay every time. You know what you are getting is a sure thing, and there is a lot less effort involved in arranging to see an escort. However, isn’t part of the fun of sex the flirting and the chase first?

With online dating you can easily find a site for exactly what it is you want. No strings attached sex? Extra marital affair? They have everything covered and are mostly free. You do have to put a little bit more time in than grabbing your mobile and ringing up your favorite escort, but what you lose in time, you make up for in saving money. A date or two are generally going to cost less than an escort and you will most likely enjoy yourself as well.

Once you’ve found someone you enjoy sex with, you can even skip the dates and just make it a booty call relationship. The benefit here is that you both enjoy the sex and hopefully each other’s company and you are both getting exactly what you want. It’s a win-win. Do be mindful that your sex buddy may not always be available all the time though. If it doesn’t work out, you can always move onto the next… but who says you only have to have one? You could have a different lover every day of the week.

Have you ever used an escort service? Was it a good experience?

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