Shopping for Men with Adopt-a-Guy

Couple Kisses in front of Eiffel Tower

Something exciting is happening in the city of love. A French online dating site has combined two of women’s favorite things – men and shopping – in an exciting new campaign.

Adopte-un-mec (Adopt-a-Guy) has opened a shop in Paris where women can browse up and down aisles filled with single guys posing in individual life-size boxes reminiscent of Barbie and Ken dolls. Men come with accessories like weights and guitars as well as corresponding names – Mr. Muscles and The Rocker.

Hundreds of dating profiles are also available on-site for women to read before they choose a man she wants to go on a date with.

Women who have been lucky enough to “shop” have nothing but praise for the experience. One lady said it reminded her of the red light district in Amsterdam and enjoyed having the tables turned. Another mentioned that the men that volunteer for this “experiment” obviously have a sense of humour, a must-have on every woman’s wish list.

It’s always hard to tell exactly what you’re getting when scanning dating sites, especially when a man has only one photo on his profile, or if he’s using one taken when he was younger or in better shape. This up close and personal shopping allows a female to see her potential date in the flesh. Talk about inspecting the merchandise!

It’s unclear whether this shop is temporary or permanent, but I’m crossing my fingers that it will catch on with other dating sites and travel to North America. I think women around the world would jump at the chance to shop for the man of her dreams.

Men: What do you think? Is this objectifying men, or is it all in good fun? Would you participate and pose for women?

Tell us what you think!

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