Online Universities Make Online Dating Popular

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The days of being the big man on campus and strolling around from one kegger to the next have finally come to a close. Now that university bills have gotten so high and student debt is out of control, many college-aged guys and gals are going online to get their degrees. That wave of new digital students is also turning into a huge bump in popularity for online dating sites as well.

“We’re definitely seeing a big rise in the number of fresh new profiles being added to,” said Christy Lewellan, who joined the site as an online college sophomore and later become one of the community liaisons. “It’s just such a natural progression. The one thing online colleges are missing is the social dating component, which is a big part of the four-year university programs.”

Even the online fetish community is seeing a big bump in recent popularity thanks to the move towards digital degrees. “College years are a time of experimentation for most people, and having access to mentors in a community like ours gives many people who are already in student mode the chance to learn something their professors can’t teach without losing tenure” said Ms. Steel, a leading Domme at “Our school of hard knocks doesn’t hand out a cap or gown on graduation day, but our students are able to share in memorable lessons that lead to social connections and a deeper sense of satisfaction than any brick-and-mortar campus could provide.”

As the saying goes, when one door closes a window opens, and while many students might lament the trend towards online study instead of dormitory life, the addition of an online dating component to the mix may soon make the setup even more popular. As one recent graduate suggested, “I’d expect within a few years that online schools will have their own relationships with dating sites, so they can include links right from their website. After all, who wants to graduate without ever getting a date? It’s going to happen, a lot sooner than people may think.”

If you’re an online student, how do you meet dates?

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